GF900 Handheld far infrared meter reader for meter reading

Front view of the white IR meter reader

GF900 Handheld Far Infrared Meter Reader is independent developed by GFUVE. It is a new simple far infrared data acquisition terminal, embedded design, low power consumption, English operating system, high speed and long distance of meter reading, It provides a simple and reliable meter reading solution for power system.



  • Shock: circuit board components glue reinforcement; Liquid crystal soft rubber pad around Cun protection.
  • Prevent slippery: sideways tooth type to the rear of the silica gel handle and the noose form double prevent slippery protection.
  • Resistance to cast: the use of advanced nano lens, add the stem of the thick crust, slippery lock button battery cover, machine 1.5 m fall without damage.
  • Anti-interference: special circuit processing can effectively resist battery interference, to ensure that the data security.
  • Waterproof: high precision mould making, fully enclosed shell design, effectively prevent the rain water invasion, ensure the safety of the outdoor rain weather use.
  • Advanced power source design: machine use rechargeable batteries, also can use alkaline batteries, battery capacity than ordinary meter reading machine high three times.


Basic parameters 
CPU ARM 32 bit CPU 
Data memory   Flash 64M, the system takes up 3M, user actually usable 60M. SRAM 0.5M 
RAM 512K
Deals  Meet GB2312-80 level 2 deals 
Screen   160 x 160dpi LCD, 3.2-inch, a screen can show 200 characters.  
Communication interface  A standard RS232 interface (communication 1200 BPS rate-115200 BPS)
A USB interface
An infrared interface 
Communication option GPRS, 2.4GHz, 433MHz, 489MHz, 925MHz, 915MHz, 13.56MHz
Keyboard  20 key, transparent resin coating. 
Add function   The clock, low voltage alarm.  
Infrared  High-speed infrared communication 
Meter reading angle  60 degrees 
Infrared communication distance  3-7m (and infrared transmission power meter relevant); farthest 12 meters 
Communication agreement  DL/T645-1997 "multi-function watt-hour meter communication rules" and added statute, DL/T645-2007 "multi-function watt-hour meter communication rules" , IEC62056 protocol
Working voltage   3.6V DC (2300mA Lithium battery)
Working current  <16mA
Sealed environment IP54
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 160x60x28
Weight (g) 118 (no battery), 220 (include battery)
Environmental conditions 
Working temperature -5°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 70°C

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