GFLZZ0757-35Q Epoxy Resin Medium Voltage outdoor Current Transformer

outdoor current transformer

The supporting-type current instrument transformers GFLZZ0757-35Q are fully enclosed and cast in epoxy resin. Transformer is equipped with one core and coil assembly rated for measurement and protection. The transformers are designed for electric power systems of 50Hz/60Hz rated frequency and 35kV rated voltage. They are used for outdoor mounting. The performances of the products meet standards IEC60044-1, IEC61869-2 and IEEE C57.13. The products are applied to metering electric energy, voltage controlling and relay protection.



Technical parameters 
Standards IEC60044; IEC 61869; ANSI/IEEE C57.13
Rated primary current 20-2000A
Rated load ≤15VA
Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Rated secondary current 5A or 1A
Rated short-time thermal current 80kA, 1S
Rated dynamic current 160KA
Rated insulation level 12/42/75KV
FS ≤10
Mechanical parameters 
Material Epoxy resin
Weight (kg) 30
Operating conditions 
Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C
Daily average temp <+40°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C
Altitude <1000 meters
Condition No existence of severely begrimed, erosive and radioactive gas in the air. Permission of long-term operation under rated current.

Technical parameters

Ratied Primary Current(A) Class Combination Accuracy class and Rated output(VA) Short-time thermal current(kA/S) Rated dynamic current(kA)
0.2(S) 0.5S 10P10
20 0.2(S)/0.5(S)
15 15 25 1.3 3.25
30 2 5
40 3 7.5
50 4.5 11.5
75 6 15
100 9 22.5
150 12 30
200 18 45
300 24 60
400 36 90
500 40 100
600-800 50 120
1000-1200 63 130
1500-200 80 160

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