GF2011 Portable wireless high voltage primary ammeter

High Voltage Ammeter

GF2011 Portable High Voltage Ammeter specially designed and manufactured for High voltage AC current measurement, low voltage AC current, current leakage measurement, online AC current measurement. It consists of special high voltage detector, wireless receiver and high voltage insulation rod.

Apply to power plant, substation, industrial and mining enterprise, inspection station, electrician maintenance department for current sensing and field working.



  • Adopt latest CT technology and integrated mask digital technology
  • Wireless transmission distance 30m, can transmit through building barriers
  • Integrated design ensures uninterrupted year-round high precision, high reliability and high stability test.
  • Have peak value maintaining, data maintaining, data memory function
  • Easy to install and remove with power on
  • Insulation rod has the characteristics of moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, high insulation and scalability.
  • Can accurately measure 0.00mA-1200A current or leakage current
  • Can test high and low voltage changing ratio, respectively test the first loop and secondary loop high and low voltage current, and then obtain the voltage change through manually calculation.


Electrical parameters 
Power supply Ammeter: DC6V Alkaline Dry Battery (1.5V AAA X 4),
Receiver: DC7.5V Alkaline Dry Battery (1.5V AA X 5),
working 10 hours
Test mode Clamp CT, integral approach
Transmission mode Wireless transmission, the maximum distance of straight line transmission is about 30m
Display mode 4 bit LCD display, with backlight function
Sampling rate 2 times/second
Measurement scope 0.00mA-1200A (50/60Hz automatic)
Resolution 0.01mA
Shift 0.00mA-1200A automatic shift
Accuracy (23°C±5°C, below 70%RH) 0.000mA-120.00A:      ±1%±3dgt 
120.00A-1200.0A:      ±1%±5dgt
Line voltage Below 69KV line test (with 5 insulation rods operation)
Data memory 99 sets
Automatic shutdown 15 minutes after boot
Battery voltage <4.8V alarm active
Insulation strength AC 100kV/rms (between the 5th insulation rod and high voltage Ammeter core)
Structure Anti-drip type II
Safety provisions IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution Class 2, CAT III (600V), IEC61326(EMC standard)
Mechanical parameters 
LCD dimensions (mm) 47×28.5
Meter dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 87×262×37
Meter weight 2.5kg (including insulation rod and battery, tester 335g)
Clamp dimension (mm) Ф50
Insulation rod dimension φ50mm, 1m/piece (5m)
Environmental conditions 
Working temperature -25°C to 40°C
Working humidity Below 80%Rh
Storage temperature -10°C to 60°C
Storage humidity Below 70%Rh
Ammeter 1 pc
Receiver 1 pc
Ammeter box 1 pc
Telescopic insulation rod (5m) 1 pc
Battery Rechargeable Alkaline Dry Battery(AA X 5+AAA X 4)
Model Description
GF2011 Wireless
GF2011B Base Display

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