TEST-903 Electrical 3000A Primary Current Injection Test Equipment

current injection test equipment

TEST-903 3000A primary current injection test equipment adopts 32bit ARM chip to control the output process and large capacity of toroidal transformer. It can output up to 3300A, timer from 0 to 999.999s, and equipped with LCD screen display current meter, also showed primary current value, secondary current value, current transformer turn ratio and circuit breaker of the action time. Aluminum alloy body with PC panel component the shell. TEST-903 primary injection test equipment is mainly applied to test CT turn ratio and polarity in the power system, the contact resistance, protection relay, low voltage & high voltage circuit breaker protection test and high voltage generator test etc, which need large current on-site or in the lab.



  • Portable designed;
  • Quick and easy to use;
  • With CT ratio test function;
  • With 6m large current cable;
  • Accuracy 0.5% from 0 to 3300A;
  • Max current output up to 3300A;
  • Secondary measurement range 0-6A;
  • Permanent current up to 3000 A, 15KVA;
  • Built-in digital ammeter 0.5% accuracy;
  • Built-in digital timer, resolution 1 ms;
  • Made up of two units, control and power unit;
  • Thermal, short-circuit and overload protection;


  • Switchgear Testing;
  • Ground Grid Testing;
  • Circuit Breaker Testing;
  • Temperature rise testing;
  • Temperature rise testing;
  • Protective Relay Testing;
  • Current Transformer Testing;
  • Recloser and Sectionalizers;
  • 3000A Primary injection tests;


Electrical parameters 
Accuracy ±0.5%
Power Supply(AC) 380V±10%·50A, 50Hz/60Hz
Current Output (AC) 3000A·5V or 1500A·10V
Capacity 15KVA
The current output waveform distortion ≤5%
Primary current
Range 0-3300A
Resolution 0.1A
Accuracy <0.5%
Secondary measurement
Range 0-6A
Resolution 0.001A
Accuracy <0.5%
Current duration
3000A range 3000A     2-3minutes
1500A      3-6minutes
1500A range 1500A      2-3minutes
Continuous output 0-1200A
With timer
Range 0.0001~999.999S
Resolution 0.001S
Accuracy <0.2% ±5 words
Standard IEC61010-1;IEC 61326-1
Communication port RS232
Cable length 6x6m, 95mm²
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 380×350×360 and 340×290×420
Weight(kg) Control Host 48kg,
External voltage regulator weight 42kg
Environmental conditions
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Relative humidity ≤95%,on-condensing

Selection Guide

 Model ACCU
TEST-2001 0.5% 0-250A YES YES 2KVA 200A: 2-3min;100A:3-6min 340×270×250 22.5KG Integrated structure
TEST-901 0.5% 0-1100A YES YES 5KVA 1000A: 2-3min;
430×260×260 25KG Integrated structure
TEST-902 0.5% 0-2200A YES YES 12KVA 2000A:2-3min;
360×300×295 and 320×300×300 35KG+15KG Fission structure
TEST-903 0.5% 0-3300A YES YES 15KVA 3000A:2-3min;
380×350×360 and 340×290×420 48KG+42KG Fission structure
TEST-905 0.5% 0-5500A YES YES 25KVA 5000A:2-3min;
430×430×445 and 550×450×600 68KG+55KG Fission structure

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