GF312B2 Three phase portable standard energy meter test equipment

energy meter test equipment

GF312B2 portable three phase standard reference meter high accuracy 0.02%. It can be applied in following area:Electric power department,Measuring and quality examining department,Electrical lab.



  • High accuracy up to 0.02%
  • Metal body, strong and reliable
  • DSP+32 bit ARM technology
  • Measurement 2~51 times harmonics
  • Waveform display function
  • Vector diagram function
  • Energy accumulating function
  • 7 inch TFT color LCD
  • Suit for testing in the field or in the lab


Electrical parameters 
Accuracy class 0.02% , 0.05%
Power supply 85-450V, 50/60Hz±2Hz
Power consumption 13VA
Communication port RS232, USB
Voltage measurement 
Range 30-560V
Resolution 0.001V
Error ±0.02% (30V-560V)
±0.05% (5V-30V)
Harmonic 2nd-51st
Current measurement 
Range (direct connection) 20mA-120A
Resolution 0.1mA
Error (direct connection) ±0.02% (100mA-120A)
±0.05% (20mA-100mA)
Harmonic 2nd-51st
Clamp on CT(option) 5A,20A, 100A
Accuracy 0.20%
Power measure error 
Active power (direct connection) ±0.02% (0.1A-120A)
±0.05% (0.02A-0.1A)
Reactive power (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.1A-120A)
Energy measure error 
Active energy (direct connection) ±0.02% (0.1A-120A)
±0.05% (0.02A-0.1A)
Reactive energy (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.1A-120A)
Phase angle 
Range 0°-360°
Resolution 0.005°
Error ±0.02°
Range 45-65Hz
Resolution 0.001Hz
Error 0.002Hz
Power factor 
Range -1.0 ~ 0 ~ +1.0
Resolution 0.0001
Error 0.0005
Pulse output 
Energy constant 1-250000
Pulse ratio 1:1
Output level 5V
Pulse input 
Input channel 1
Input level 5-24V
Input frequency Max. 2MHz
Color LCD 7”STN (800×480)
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (W×H×D) (mm) 365×269×151
Weight (kg) 4
Environmental conditions 
Ambient temperature -10°C to 40°C
Relative humidity 30%-80%

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