GF312B Portable Three Phase Electric Meter Calibration equipment with Printer

electric meter calibration equipment

GF312B portable three phase watt meter calibrator with printer is used to calibrate three phase, single phase, active and reactive watt meters. And it also can be used as voltage, current and power meter to measure AC parameters of three phase power line.It can measure wave distortion factor and 2nd to 63th harmonic wave.



  • Three phase active or reactive electricity energy meter
  • Calibrate three phase, single phase, active or reactive meter error
  • Measure U(voltage) of three phase or single phase
  • 4Measure I(current) of three phase or single phase
  • Measure active power of three phase or single phase
  • Measure reactive power of three phase or single phase
  • Measure apparent power of three phase or single phase
  • Measure power factor of three phase or single phase
  • Measure phase angle between voltage and current
  • Measure frequency of power line
  • Display vector diagram
  • Display waveform of U and I
  • Analyze and display content of harmonic of U and I
  • Store and check measured data
  • Optional 5A, 20A, 100A, 500A, 1000A, 2000A, 3000A current clamp
  • Measure CT variable ratio
  • Print the data of measurement on site


Electrical parameters 
Accuracy 0.05%, 0.1%, 0.2%
Power supply 220V ± 10% or 110V ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 2Hz
Test Voltage 
Range 0V-600V
Error ±0.05% (30V-600V)
±0.1% (5V-30V)
Harmonic 2nd-63st
Test Current 
Range (direct connection) 20mA-20A
Error (direct connection) ±0.05% (100mA-20A)
±0.1% (20mA-100mA)
Range (Clamp CT) 10mA-3000A
Error (Clamp CT) ±0.2% (100mA-3000A)
±0.5% (10mA-100mA)
Harmonic 2nd-63st
Power measure error 
Active power (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.1A-20A)
±0.1% (0.02A-0.1A)
Reactive power (direct connection) ±0.1% (0.1A-20A)
Energy measure error 
Active energy (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.1A-20A)
±0.1% (0.02A-0.1A)
Reactive energy (direct connection) ±0.1% (0.1A-20A)
Phase angle 
Range 0° ~ 360°
Resolution 0.01°
Error ±0.05°
Range 45Hz-65Hz
Resolution 0.001Hz
Accuracy 0.005Hz
Power factor 
Range -1 ~ 0 ~ 1
Resolution 0.0001
Error 0. 0005
Pulse output  
Energy constant 180000imp/kWh, 1800imp/kWh, 18imp/kWh
Pulse ratio 1:1
Output level 5V
Pulse input 
Input channel 1
Input level 5-24V
Input frequency Max. 2MHz
Resolution 6”TFT (640×480)
Vector diagram Yes
Waveform Yes
Energy accumulation Yes
Communication port RS232
Communication with PC Yes
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (W×H×D) (mm) 390×200×160
Host Weight (mm)  3
Weight (including Accessories 3pcs 100A clamp CT) (kg) 12
Environmental conditions 
Ambient temperature -10°C to 40°C
Relative humidity 30%-85%

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