GF312D1 Handheld three phase energy meter calibrator

energy meter field testing equipment

The instrument is a precision AC energy meter testing instrument, mainly used to test three phase energy meter error on site and measure all various of AC parameters.


Features and Functions

  • Three phase active or reactive electricity energy meter.
  • Calibrate three phase, single phase, and active or reactive meter error.
  • Measure U(voltage) of three phase or single phase.
  • Measure I(current) of three phase or single phase.
  • Measure active power of three phase or single phase.
  • Measure reactive power of three phase or single phase.
  • Measure apparent power of three phase or single phase.
  • Measure power factor of three phase or single phase.
  • Measure phase angle between voltage and current.
  • Measure frequency of power line.
  • Display vector diagram.
  • Display waveform of U and I.
  • Analyze and display content of harmonic of U and I.
  • Measure 2-64 harmonic of U, I.
  • Store and display measured data.
  • Optional 5A, 20A, 100A, 500A, 1000A, 2000A, 3000A current clamp.
  • Measure CT variable ratio.
  • Measure the ratio or lag-angle of low-voltage transformer.
  • Adopt 32 bit ARM processor, multi-channel 16 bit precision A/D convertor, high resolution TFT color LCD.
  • Inner equipped with 0.01% wide-range current transformer and can be equipped with various type current clamps, wide range of measurement and high veracity.
  • Low consumption circuit design, high energy Lithium battery supply, intellectual power management software, which enables the instrument continuously working up to 10 hours.


1.Electrical parameters 
Accuracy class 0.05%, 0.1%
Display 6”TFT (640×480)
Power supply 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Li-polymer battery (size (mm): 110x51x16, nominal output voltage: 7.2V, capacity: 5000mAh)
Power line supply (U1, UN), 85V-265V 50/60Hz
Communication port RS232
Test voltage
Range Phase to Netural 0-480V (Phase to Phase 0-830V)
Error ±0.05% (30V-480V)
±0.1% (5V-30V)
Voltage measurement temperature drift < 8 x 10 E-6/K
Voltage measurement relative humidity drift < 8 x 10 E-6/RH
Voltage measurement stability < 50 x10 E-6
Voltage measurement long term stability < 80 x 10 E-6/Year
Harmonic 2nd-64st
Test current
Range (direct connection) 0-12A
Error (direct connection) ±0.05% (100mA-12A)
±0.1% (10mA-100mA)
Range (clamp CT) 10mA-120A
Clamp CT Clamp CTModel: Q13
Test range:1mA-120A
Internal diameter:13mm
External diameter:33mm
Lead cable:2.5m
Three phase color label L1=Red,L2=Yellow,L3=Blue
Error (camp CT) ±0.1% (100mA-120A)
Current measurement temperature drift < 8 x 10 E-6/K @ 10mA-120A
Current measurement relative humidity drift < 8 x 10 E-6/RH@ 10mA-120A
Current measurement stability < 50 x10 E-6
Current measurement long term stability < 80 x 10 E-6/Year
Harmonic 2nd-64st
Power & Energy measure error
Active power (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.1A-12A)
±0.1% (0.01A-0.1A)
Reactive power (direct connection) ±0.1% (0.1A-12A)
Energy measure error
Active energy (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.1A-12A)
±0.1% (0.01A-0.1A)
Reactive energy (direct connection) ±0.1% (0.1A-12A)
Power/energy measurement temperature drift < 15 x 10 E-6/K
Power/energy measurement relative humidity drift < 12 x 10 E-6/RH@ 10mA-120A
Power/energy measurement stability < 100 x10 E-6
Power/energy measurement long term stability < 160 x 10 E-6/Year
Error display 5 digits with minimum three decimal places  XX.XXX%
Phase angle
Range 0°-360°
Resolution 0.01o
Error ±0.05°
Range 40-70Hz
Resolution 0.001Hz
Error 0.002Hz
Pulse input
Input channel 2
Input level 5-24V
Input frequency Max. 2MHz
Pulse output
Energy constant 180000imp/kWh, 1800imp/kWh, 180imp/kWh
Pulse ratio 1:1
Output level 5V
Pulse frequency Standard 400Hz-1KHz, customized max 10KHz
Scanning head
Scanning head Scanning head The sampler is equipped with a bracket which can clip/install on the tested electronic and electromechanical meters, and the sampler can insert to the ‘orifice/slot’ in the center of the bracket.
There are 3 status LED indicator:
[AUTO] – scan the turn-plate of the energy meter
[MANU] –Manual input pulse
[LED] – Receive the LED energy pulse
Function Sensitivity can be intelligently adjusted according to ambient light intensity to ensure accuracy measurement.
Vector diagram Yes
Waveform Yes
Energy accumulation Yes
Communication with PC Yes
Overload protection Yes
2.Cable and Accessories
Test Cable Voltage test cable 1SET  Cable Length:2m  (R,Y,B,Black)
Current test calbe 1SET  Cable Length:2m  (R,Y,B,Black)
Plug Pin type             1SET  (4black,2Red,2Yellow,2Green)
'U' type              1SET (4black,2Red,2Yellow,2Green)
'Ω' type              1SET (4black,2Red,2Yellow,2Green)
Crocodile type   1SET (1Black,1Red,1Yellow,1Green)
Accessories Bag Yes
3.Mechanical parameters
Instrument dimensions (W×H×D) (mm) 245×162×60
Instrument Weight (kg) 1.8
Carry case dimensions (W×H×D) (mm) 450×320×185
Carry case  (kg) 10.6
4.Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -10°C to 55°C
Relative humidity 15%-95%
Environmental protection level IP51
lsolation protection IEC 61010-1:2001
Energy measurement IEC 60736
Reference standard IEC 62052-11
IEC62053-22 & IEC62053-23
6.Calibration and maintenance
Warranty 5 years
Calibration Lifelong free calibration service
Recommended calibration interval Every two years

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