HQ15 5A 100A High-value voltage output AC current clamp sensor

voltage output current clamp sensor

The HQ15 100a current clamp sensor is designed for easy installed in tight spaces and without the need for dismantling the primary busbar or cables. The sensing head uses sliding push-fit clamp structure, safety isolation to avoid the user to contact with charged objects directly. It complies with CE standards and meets 300V CAT III safety class. This model HQ15 AC current sensor is a high accuracy mini current clamp probe for measurements up to 130A AC. This current probe uses a special magnetic core to provide higher accuracy and lower phase shift. The HQ15 Series current clamp is an excellent probe sensor to be used in power and low level current measurement applications.



  • High precision 0.1% for current measurement;
  • Frequency 10Hz-5kHz Bandwidth;
  • Measurement range of 1mA to 130A AC;
  • Low phase shift for power measurement;
  • High time harmonics measurement;
  • Flexible and light weights, exquisite appearance;
  • Easy &quick installation in tight spaces;
  • Excellent linearity;
  • Improved ergonomic design & easy operation;
  • High content permalloy core;
  • Holding wire diameter: φ15mm;
  • EN 61010-2-032 , 300V CAT III Standard;
  • Designed for DMMs, loggers, oscilloscopes, power & harmonic meters;
  • UL, CE CNAS mark;


  • Energy meter calibrator;
  • Power meter;
  • Electricity energy meter;
  • Power quality analyzer(PQA);
  • Power and harmonic meters;
  • Phase angle meter;
  • Power quality monitoring;
  • Power load monitoring;
  • Data logging/recording;
  • CT secondary current detection;
  • Waveform analysis;
  • Oscilloscopes meter;
  • Energy sub-meters;


Electrical parameters
Model HQ15-A5 HQ15-A100
Rated primary current 5A AC 100A AC
Output Voltage 10 mV AC/A 1mV AC/A
Maximum input current 50A AC (Continuous) 130A AC (Continuous)
(45-66Hz,Ambient temp.50°C)
Amplitude accuracy ±0.3%RD±0.02%FS (10%-100%I1n),(45Hz- 66Hz)
Phase accuracy ±2° (10%-100%I1n)(45Hz-5kHZ)
The amplitude frequency characteristic ±0.1% (45Hz-5kHZ)(Deviation accuracy)
Conductor impact ±0.5 (Off-center)
The influence of external lectromagnetic fields ≤0.1A (In AC 400A / m electromagnetic fields)
Temperature coefficient ±0.02%/°C of the reading data
Dielectric strength 3000 V AC rms/Continue 15 seconds(Circuits-iron core, iron core-shell)
The maximum rated voltage 300V AC rms
Connector 4mm banana, BNC, signal cable(2 cores),customized
Applicable standards Safety: EN61010-2-032:2002,EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-031, 600V CAT III, Contamination II, IEC60044-1, & IEC61869-2
EMC: EN61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001+A3:2003(Class A)
Accuracy (100A Range)
0-100mA ≤0.5%
100mA-1A ≤0.2%
1-130A ≤0.1%
Phase Shift(100A Range)
0-100mA ≤0.5°
100mA-10A ≤0.2°
10-130A ≤0.1°
Mechanical parameters
Measurable conductor diameter Max.15mm
Cable length About 3m
Dimension (W x H x D) About 46×135×21 (Excluding protruding parts)
Weight About 320g
Jaw color Black
Material PC+ABS, UL94 V0
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C (32-122°F)
Operating humidity ≤80%RH(No condensate)
Storage temperature -10 to 60°C (14-140°F)
Storage humidity ≤80%RH(No condensate)
Operating environment Indoor, altitude up to 2000 meters


Model Rate Current Max Current Secondary Coil Ratio Burden Resistance Accuracy
HQ15V-5 5A 50A 50mV 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15V-10 10A 50A 100mV 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15V-20 20A 50A 200mV 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15V-100 100A 130A 1V 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15V1-100 100A 130A 100mV 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15V2-100 100A 130A 2V 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15V3-100 100A 130A 5V 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A-5 5A 6A 2.5mA 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A-10 10A 12A 5mA 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A-20 20A 24A 10mA 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A-100 100A 130A 50mA 2000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A1-5 5A 6A 5mA 1000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A1-10 10A 12A 10mA 1000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A1-20 20A 24A 20mA 1000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A1-100 100A 130A 100mA 1000:1 customized 0.1%
HQ15A2-100 100A 130A 40mA 2500:1 customized 0.1%

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