Q125 2000A High accuracy bus bar AC clamp on current transformer

clamp on current transformer

The model Q125 2000A clamp on current transformer measuring instrument can be used for a current vector for the copper bar or the power aluminum bus bar on-line detection. It has a 120mm * 50mm square hole, make it specially suitable for bus bar current measurement. In this method, there is no need to break a circuit or to affect the isolation to measure the current. This clamp current transformer can be applied for energy meter & power meter, Standard IEC61869, EN61010-2-032 & CE. easy installation, measurement 3000A big current value, frequency range from 40Hz to 2KHz, ratio 1000:5, 2000:5, 3000:5.



  • Large bus bar jaw opening designed;
  • Measurement range of 1A to 3600A AC;
  • High precision 0.2% for current measurement;
  • Frequency 40Hz-2kHz Bandwidth;
  • Low phase shift for power measurement;
  • Nominal range: 1 to 1000AAC, 1 to 2000AAC, 1 to 3000AAC;
  • Transformation ratio: 1000:5, 2000:5, 3000:5;
  • Output:5mA AC/A AC, 2.5mA AC/A AC, 1.666mA AC/A AC;
  • Improved ergonomic design & easy operation;
  • Holding wire diameter: φ120mm×50mm;
  • Conforms to EN 61010, 600V CAT III;
  • Industrial design & beautiful appearance;
  • When less than 1A output, load capacity ≤20Ω; When 5A output, load 2.5VA;
  • Designed for recorders, loggers, oscilloscopes, power and harmonic meters;
  • UL, CE CNAS mark;


  • Power load monitoring;
  • Power quality analyzer;
  • Power meter;
  • Large industrial loads;
  • Data logging/recording;
  • Energy meter calibrator on site;
  • Power and harmonic meters;
  • Measuring around cable bundles;
  • HVAC;
  • Clamp type ground resistance tester;
  • Power quality monitoring;
  • Oscilloscopes;
  • Calibration instrument on site;
  • Industrial maintenance;
  • Electrical utility;
  • Electrical Laboratory;
  • Plant maintenance;


Electrical parameters
Ratio 1000: 1 or 2000:1 (customized)
Accuracy class 0.2%, 0.5%, 1%
Primary current 0 - 1000A, 0 - 2000A, 0 - 3000A AC
Secondary current 0 - 5A AC (customized)
Max. Cont. Input current 3600A
Over voltage category CAT III 600 V
Output signal (AC current) 500mA,1A,5A AC at nominal input current
Output signal (AC voltage) 333mV,500mV,1V,5V AC at nominal input current
Frequency range 40Hz-2KHz
Dielectric strength 3KV 50Hz/60Hz at 1 minute
Temperature range -20°C to +55°C
Output 2.5 meter cable with D01 connector
Max. voltage not insulated conductors 720 V
Standard EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-032, EN 61010-2-031
IEC60044-1, & IEC61869-2, 600V CAT III
Installation Clamp type
Output mode Lead output (2.5m)
Connector BNC, 4mm banana, signal cable(2 cores),customized
Mechanical parameters
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 116 x 327 x 35
Weight (g) 1200
Holding wire diameter (mm) φ120 x 50
Max. jaw opening (mm) 50
Jaw color White or Blue
Material PC+ABS, UL94 V0


Model Rate Current Max Current Secondary Coil Ratio Burden Resistance Accuracy
Q125A5-500 500A 600A 5A 100:1 2.5VA 0.5%
Q125A5-600 600A 720A 5A 120:1 2.5VA 0.5%
Q125A5-800 800A 960A 5A 160:1 2.5VA 0.5%
Q125A5-1000 1000A 1200A 5A 200:1 2.5VA 0.5%
Q125A5-2000 2000A 2400A 5A 400:1 2.5VA 0.5%
Q125A5-3000 3000A 3600A 5A 600:1 2.5VA 0.5%
Q125A1-1000 1000A 1200A 1A 1000:1 2.5VA 0.2%
Q125A1-2000 2000A 2400A 1A 2000:1 2.5VA 0.2%
Q125A1-3000 3000A 3600A 1A 3000:1 2.5VA 0.2%
Q125A2-500 500A 600A 250mA 2000:1 customized 0.2%
Q125A2-1000 1000A 1200A 500mA 2000:1 customized 0.2%
Q125A2-2000 2000A 2400A 500mA 4000:1 customized 0.2%
Q125A3-1000 1000A 1200A 400mA 2500:1 customized 0.2%
Q125A3-2000 2000A 2400A 400mA 5000:1 customized 0.2%
Q125A4-1000 1000A 1200A 250mA 4000:1 customized 0.2%
Q125V1-1000 1000A 1200A 1V 2000:1 customized 0.5%
Q125V1-2000 2000A 2400A 2V 2000:1 customized 0.5%
Q125V1-3000 3000A 3600A 3V 2000:1 customized 0.5%
Q125V2-1000 1000A 1200A 333mV 1000:1 customized 0.5%
Q125V2-2000 2000A 2400A 333mV 2000:1 customized 0.5%
Q125V2-3000 3000A 3600A 333mV 3000:1 customized 0.5%
Notes: Can be customized current probe according to user requirements!

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