TEST-200 200A Portable Primary Current Injection Test Kit

primary current injection test kit

TEST-200 200A primary current injection test kit adopts 32bit ARM Chip to control its output process and large capacity of toroidal transformers. It is equipped with current meter; it can show primary current value, second current value, the action time and voltage value. Packing is used as aluminum alloy body with PC panel. LCD screen display single-phase protective relay test device of voltage and current output stopwatch; a full isolation, adjustable AC and DC voltage, AC direct current; an adjustable DC voltage and an adjustable AC voltage; output circuit with double overload protection, high output capacity, small size, light weight, high reliability.



Primary Injection Kit Compact Model TEST-200 is designed to operate on single phase 230/240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz. to develop smooth & continuous test current. The test equipment gives high current output at low cost and with inherent safety at minimum precaution. TEST-200 is mainly applied to Circuit Breaker testing in the power system, contact resistance test and relay test.


  • AC Voltage output up to 250V;
  • DC Voltage output up to 300V;
  • Max current output up to 250A;
  • Permanent current up to 200 A, 2KVA;
  • Thermal and short-circuit protection;
  • Built-in digital timer resolution 1ms;
  • Built-in digital ammeter 0.2% accuracy;
  • With high precision 0.0000-99999S Stopwatch;
  • Small size, light weight, easy to test on-site;
  • Current injection continuous output from 0-50A;
  • Suite for all kinds of overcurrent relay testing;
  • Suite for all kinds of overvoltage relay testing;
  • Have one channel DC Auxiliary Output from 0 to 220V;


  • Switchgear Testing
  • Ground Grid Testing
  • Primary injection tests
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • Recloser and Sectionalizers
  • Micro Circuit Breaker Testing


Electrical parameters
Accuracy ±0.5%
Power Supply(AC) 220V±10%·2000VA, 50Hz/60Hz or 110V±10%·2000VA, 50Hz/60Hz
Current Output (AC) 200A·5V or 100A·10V
Capacity 2KVA
The current output waveform distortion ≤5%
Dual protection Overload electronic protection and software protection
Primary current
Range 0-250A
Resolution 0.1A
Accuracy <0.5% RG
AC Voltage Output
Range 0-250V AC
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy <0.2% RG
DC Voltage Output
Range 0-300V DC
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy <0.5% RG
Current Output duration
200A range 200A    1-2minutes
100A       3-6minutes
50A      Continuous
10A range 10A      Continuous
Range 0.0000-99999S
Resolution 0.1mS
Accuracy ±5 words
Max input voltage
(With contact and potential input)
DC 250V
Range Inside 0.000-250.0A
Outside 0.000-6.000A(AC or DC)
Accuracy <0.2%
Range 0.0-600.0V(AC or DC)
Accuracy <0.2%
Measuring mode AC True RMS
DC Average value
Auxiliary Contacts
Binary input/output One, AC250V*1A or DC120V*1A
DC Auxiliary Output
Range 0-110V DC, max 0.5A; 110-220V DC, max 0.5A
Serial interface RS232
LCD 320*240 Greenlight LCD display
Resistance 0.5Ω-2.5kΩ
Capacitor 10 μF, max voltage 450 V AC
Standard 2006/95/EC, EMC 2004/108/EC, IEC61000, IEC61010, IEC 61326
Mechanical parameters
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 340×270×250
Weight(kg) 22.5
Environmental conditions
Operation temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 70°C
Humidity range Relative humidity 5 ... 95 %, non-condensing

Selection guide

TEST-200 0.5% 0-250A YES YES 2KVA 200A: 2-3min;100A:3-6min 340×270×250 22.5KG Integrated structure
TEST-901 0.5% 0-1100A YES YES 5KVA 1000A: 2-3min;500A:3-6min 430×260×260 25KG Integrated structure
TEST-902 0.5% 0-2200A YES YES 12KVA 2000A:2-3min;1000A:3-6min 360×300×295 and 320×300×300 35KG+15KG Integrated structure
TEST-903 0.5% 0-3300A YES YES 15KVA 3000A: 2-3min;1500A:3-6min 380×350×360 and 340×290×420 48KG+42KG Fission structure
TEST-905 0.5% 0-5500A YES YES 25KVA 5000A:2-3min;2500A:3-6min 430×430×445 and 550×450×600 68KG+55KG Fission structure

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